Welcome to the Song Spinner Records, in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Really, this is a hobby of yours truly, Tim Daniels, that has gone out of control. Since 1997 we have been recording traditional Christmas music in a multi-channel studio at home, and then burning limited edition CDs to give away during the Christmas season.  People tell us that we really should make some of this music available on CDs on the web.  They think other people would enjoy our Christmas music also.  But  that would be prohibitively expensive unless we ask some money for the CDs.  And for that reason, we created Song Spinner Records.   We think this name reflects the philosophy behind these recordings: improvisation on traditional music.  We hope you enjoy the samples.

New Christmas CD

Click here to check out  our latest Christmas CD.

Daniels Christmas 2007

Christmas Music

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Future Plans

We are also making plans for a Song Spinner Records  traditional hymns CD, for a fiddle tunes CD.  and for a set of Song Spinner Records string music lessons to be streamed on the web and/or sold on DVD. These music lessons should be used as an introduction into string music playing (especially violin) and a supplement to lessons with your friendly local violin teacher.

Add to the Fun

We hope that other people with a similar musical hobby (or obsession)  will also consider  putting their music on the web.  Perhaps this web site will plant a few seeds here and there.

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This part of our web site is currently under construction: just an outline and a few sections are complete or partly finished.

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