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Folk music has interested me for years. My dat used to play  fiddle in a family group for barn dances back in Iowa many years ago. His dad played mandolin, and two of my dad's uncles played fiddle,and another played piano.  My dad's grandfather played fiddle, winning the Iowa state fair fiddle contest numerous times till they asked him not to enter every year.  When his grandkids or other kids would come to vidie, hie would show them into the music room where there was a piano and a fiddle, and ask not "Do you play?", but "Which do you play?" So it just runs in our family.

Bluegrass was the folk music for me in college: a five-piece band called the Echo Mountain Boys, and a little three-piece old-time fiddle tunes group called the Pocatee Pickling Company that we took to the Smithsonian bicentennial festival on the mall in 1976.  And there was old-time jazz group, a la Grappelli, but it was mostly bluegrass and old fiddle tunes.

I made one CD to help a student or two with learning old fiddle tunes, and it seemed a good idea to develop that some more and make it available on the web.... ijust to see  the level of interest out there.  So, here's the Fiddle Teaching CD with 37  songs on it.  I had planned to include seven more tunes, but those are copyrighted and at $42.50 per song, seven of those mounts up into dollars.    So, those may go onto a second Fiddle Tunes CD, I hope.  Anyway, just click on the link below to hear samples of  what's on the CD.

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