Purchasing CDs

To buy a collection CD, just click on the "add to cart" link on that collection CD's web page. These two collection CDs are for sale through paypal. The CDs cost $10.00 each.  Shipping and handling for a single CD is $2.50.  For each additional CD in the same shipment, shipping and handling is an additional 50 cents.  For Kansas customers we must add Kansas sales tax.  We welcome purchases from outside the U.S. as well.  Please contact us if you are purchasing from abroad.    

Production Details

Our CDs are homemade (burned, not stamped) normally at 4x  speed, and on white-mat blanks with label printed by a color inkjet printer.  They are in standard cases with front, front insert and back cover, and are not shrink wrapped.  These CDs will be mailed in a padded envelope through the US postal service at the "media" or "priority-mail" rate. 

Please remember that these are burned cds, not stamped CDs, and they will play in around 97 percent of CD players.

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