Here we we talk about possible making some DVDs available that behave like normal video DVDs and will play high-res versions of the videos on the web site, but that will also contain many of the files that are on the web site itself. 

You can browse the contents of  these DVDs on your PC, with MS IE, and look at some of our materials without having to be on the web.  This works with IE version 6 on windows 98 and windows 2000 systems. With windows XP,  some research remains to be done before IE will play these FLV files locally.  It works fine over the web.

This has quite a potential.  We can distribute WAV, MP3, JPG, BMP, MIDI, FLV, and many other types of files, as long as we own the rights to them.  For example, for people who are learning to read music, we could provide PDF files that they could print and then cut up into flash cards to study rythm and note reading.

Music Lessons