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    course organization
    private lessons highly recommended
    Suzuki method, pre-Suzuki

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String Instruments                   Small, large, fretted, bowed, and other string instruments.

Keyboard Basics                    How to find notes on the keyboard
Music Theory                         Intervals, chords, modes, keys
Musical Accoustics                  Frequency of astring; waveforms; harmonics, interval ratios

Ear Training                            Hearing intervals and rythms, absolute vs relative pitch
Tuning your Instrument          Tuning string instruments, and playing in tune

Fingering                           cation for left-hand fingers diatonic scale applied
Intonation           playing in tune

Teacher's Role and Practicing  How a teacher can help, and how to practice
Violin Lessons                        Stance, holding the fiddle and bow, basic technique,  etc

Reading Music                       Time, pitch, notes, duration, rests, clefs, note duration, rythm
Violin Method Books             Beginning and intermediate method books
 Literature                             Baruqoe, classical, romantic, ethnic, folk

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