There are several basic types of string instruments. The  basic concept in all  that come to mind is a string under tension, anchored at both enda and stretched across a frame, and with some  means to transfer accoustical energy from the vibrating string to the air around the instrument.


There are string instruments with more than one string per note, like twelve string guitar and those in the mandolin family, and the modern piano. 

There are instruments with plucked strings like the harpsichord, others with struck strings like the piano, others with picked strings like guitar, banjo and mandolin family, and with bowed strings like the violin family and the hurdy-gurdy.

Here, we focuss on string instruments with fret boards or fingerboards, especially the violin family and the mandolin family, but first a little note about the guitar family.

MOST POPULAR INSTRUMENTS                     guitars, bass guitars, five string banjos
SHORT NECKED STRING INSTRUMENTS      violin and mandolin,  viola and mandola
LONG NECKED STRING INSTRUMENTS       tenor banjo, octave mandolin and  irish
                                                                               bouzouki, cello and mandocello

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