MUSIC THEORY 101, first week:

How will this help?  Many people have asked that same question.  This little music theory page is very very basic, and gives you an idea of the notes available in western music, and how to form a major or minor scale, how to figure out what notes are in a scale, how to form chords to fit with the music you are playing.  And from there, you can look at existing music to see what chords are used therein, and whay key the music is in.... a very basic analysis technique.

INTERVALS                             basic building blocks of scales, chords and other structures
CHROMATIC SCALE             contains all  standard notes
DIATONIC SCALES               subsets of the chromatic scale
CIRCLE OF FIFTHS                 circle of fifths and key signatures
CIRCLE OF FIFTHS CLOCK  diatonic to chromatic scale
KEYS                                        determining the key from key signature or using circle of fifths
CHORDS: 3 AND 4 NOTE       how to recognize and build standard chords
CHORD FORMS                      open and closed chords
SIMPLE CADENCES               popular short sequences of chord

Still under development

Chord structure
Schoenker analysis

Music Lessons